Call Of Duty: Ghosts Review

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First Impression: Call of Duty Ghosts

Call of Duty: Ghosts definitely doesn’t mess with the gaming formula of old, but adds an oldie but goodie – and upgrades it in impressive fashion. It’s over-the-top and at times overly complex, but with ambitious new ideas and tremendous replay value, it serves both current and next-generation consoles.

Ghosts takes place in an entirely new Call of Duty universe set in the not-too-distant future, despite sharing a name with one of Modern Warfare’s best-known characters. Ghosts takes on a refreshingly novel concept in a genre overwhelmed by ancient Russian wars and vague Middle Eastern terrorist attacks, in which the challenge comes not from the east but from the south: a federation of oil-rich South American nations is rising to take over the hemisphere, moving north and coming to blows with the U.S.

The prelude establishes a terrifying view of a shattered but not beaten homeland in the United States-not quite Red Dawn, but not Fallout 3, either. It is a location not frequently visited by modern shooters, and its atmosphere is enhanced by missions set in a besieged Santa Monica and the lost remains of San Diego, to the tune of David Buckley’s excellent, somber score (The Town, Metal Gear Solid 4). But finally, as the tale goes behind enemy lines in Caracas, the Andes mountains, and other exotic places, time on the poignant homefront is short lived.

They may lack expertise, but the range of environments keeps the campaign fresh, not just in terms of visuals, but also in gameplay. You’ll find yourself rappelling down skyscrapers, flying helicopters, having space firefights, commanding tanks, scuba diving through shipwrecks, playing like a puppy, and evading shark attacks instead of only battling waves of enemies through a linear stage at ground level. Each needs fresh strategy, acute situational awareness, and special regard for verticality and physics in the case of space and water missions.

Of course, without intricate setpieces, fierce shootouts, and tense stealth missions, it would not be a Call of Duty game, and Ghosts delivers some of the series’ most unforgettable moments. I felt real fear as the earth and buildings fell around me during orbital weapons attacks, the Federation’s space station ambush’s zero-gravity spectacle is awe-inspiring, and it’s thrilling to bust through a highrise window as the entire building crumbles during the Federation Day mission.

The Story Line:

But the story of Ghosts fails to stay in focus in the midst of the eruption of explosive cinematic moments and endless firefights, like previous CoDs. The campaign is moved along by narrated loading sequences of stylized story animations, but only last for one or two minutes before launching back into the action. There it is, on the front lines, where much of the progression of the story is portrayed and sometimes lost.

It is not an accomplishment in dramatic storytelling, it is boring dumb fun. The story revolves around a family of four members, comprising two brothers and their father, Elias. The family bond between Logan and his mother made me more sympathetic for his character in the episode. The voice acting is at reasonably good level, sometimes being cliché as well. Lastly, there is Riley. Riley is important as he plays a position of the assistant to the player.

The film took a turn into a battlefield adventure tale that didn’t make much sense instead of going through with the plot in the first act. Although not poorly made, this visually spectacular but ultimately ineffective film stand in stark contrast to the powerful opening and climax. It improved my gaming experience by reducing the campaign length by approximately 10 hours.

Multiplayer Feature: Call of Duty Ghosts

Multiplayer games may have been overlooked, but they may serve as inspiration for existing games and equipment design.

Ghosts maintains certain elements of Call of Duty online, but makes several sweeping improvements to the multiplayer experience. The game at its heart gives you the chance to build up to 60 unique class-based characters, each with up to six loadouts. There are also 20,000 potential configurations. Build a Soldier allows you to sacrifice certain equipment in order to get better weapons or complete certain features. For additional detail, there are an amazing total of 39 weapons, 12 piece of equipment, 35 new perks, 36 scorestreaks, spanning three categories, and various weapon accessories to select.

Build a Soldier is excellent in size and scale, which caters and empowers each style of play. You can play like a hypercomic action hero and even fly about stealthily like Batman. Next to previous Call of Duty games, Build a Soldier is sort of difficult but flexible. After so many hours of research and the collection of reviews, I still have no feeling as if I grasp all of the unique perks. On the one hand, the server would have lifers honing their flawless loadouts for months, but on the other, it is somewhat more difficult to jump-start matches.

Infinity Ward showed that even though remaining safe with maxed-out arms and the best perks, nobody would notice a playing advantage. Instead of only choosing submachine guns in Black Ops II, Ghost allows you to explore a range of weapon styles. Pistols are less powerful but are easier to treat. A new type of weapons called the Markman sniper rifles fills the gap between rifles, providing range and strength with greater mobility. The reason why sniper rifles are considered to be unaltered is because of modern technologies such as advanced optics and x-ray targeting assist.

The inclusion of different ranged arms addition emphasises the slightly larger maps. In deathmatch-style game modes, teams will find themselves often dispersed around smaller contingents at various sides of the maps, while objective mode games will often have everyone go to clear locations. Instead of funneling players to the enemy faction through only routes, Ghosts offers players an array of alternate route, making coordination much more successful than conventional “run and gun” strategy. Lone wolf-style play produces some uncomfortable spawn times. Playing in a well-coordinated group can be more fun than ever, but playing in a group of casual solo can be frustrating.

There is also the added excitement to the player using everything from player-triggered gates to a missile attack which turns the environment into a blazing hellscape. It lacks the size or the pace that was as dramatic as Battlefield 4’s falling buildings and demolition. However, they are just short-term strategies, which can cause innovation and chaos for a while, but will not affect the outcome of the game.

New Features in Call of Duty Ghosts

Ghosts adds five new maps and 13 new modes. The new modes do not replay existing gametypes, but they enrich each mode with a fresh level of gameplay. My favorite new addition, grind, is like kill confirmed, except that you still have to collect enemy dog tags before be killed yourself. There is another style of playing called Cranked in which there is a time limit to be able to score as many of kills as possible. While they are simple modifiers, they are very fun to play and provide new life into multiplayer modes.

Survivalism is more enjoyable than the zombies from Call of Duty Black Ops. This game is a cooperative activity whereby you complete stages with other individuals in addition to fighting off monsters. These aliens are much stronger and unpredictable than the zombie-like species. The game is a really difficult challenge with lots of decision-making.

Ghosts multiplayer is something new in terms of customization in the game. There are a ton of unlockable clothes, weapons, and hair choices for you to try. The breadth of this subject is staggering and is very daunting. Perks, arms, and streaks do not immediately appear. They are available only after gaining enough squad points. For users new to the game, the character customization system is a challenging one to master. Therefore, you’ll be able to build soldiers who function in a way to meet your needs. In this way, I would like to use a demolition class with extra grenades, an underbarrel grenade launcher, and increased explosive damage. Go ahead.

Multiplayer introduces three new game modes: Cranked, Blitz, and Bounty. Cranked is a team deathmatch game with an unexpected twist. Your goal should be to aim at as many enemies as possible within 30 seconds. It sounds like a blast, in principle, but I rarely felt any demanding pressure to score a kill – either I found an enemy instantly (restoring the timer) or was killed soon enough by other players before the timer ended, removing the rush-to-avoid-exploding idea altogether. Blitz was the most thrilling form of entertainment. This is like charging through the other team’s defenses as they try to avoid you reaching the other side of the map. It’s like playing a “cat and mouse” game where everyone is playing both the positions of cat and mouse at the same time. Pretty good days.

You can also enter the co-op mode with your online buddies. Multiplayer mode is divided into two levels: Squads and Extinction. This helps you to team up with AI soldiers in cooperative mode. Building a team to compete against your mates sounds enticing, but it all comes down to free online multiplayer matches. Even Ghosts has abandoned one of the strongest co-op features in play, the excitement of engaging an enemy together by squads.


In this segment, we send you Extinction, Infinity Ward’s contribution to Treyarch’s Zombies mode. You’ll have to blast your way through waves of invading aliens as you attempt to destroy their landing sites, which are situated across the map. All of the items offered here doesn’t have the same quantity as Black Ops 2’s Zombies mode mostly because there’s a smaller to do. There is a single mission (instance) to play through several times to gain unlock points and experience. Since there is not new DLC for Extinction missions yet, playing same town again would be very boring.

In total, this is a disappointing deviation from the original FPS formula. Instead, it just adds further to the hierarchy. You will have more killstreaks, more perk options and monsters to kill. When you are running through a collapsing building for the hundredth time, the thrilling, exciting feeling you experience in previous games is numbed. There’s not much of a cast, just more of what you’ve never seen before. In this way, the player is the seller here. The ability to customize troops, an incredibly refined gameplay, and a few entertaining additions will keep you coming back to play it for hours on end. This isn’t going to leave you with much amazement.


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