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In Cyber-Shadow, manufactured lifeforms have assumed control over the planet. Shadow is determined to a mission to find what started the way to never-ending annihilation with a urgent interest for help. Cut through the hordes of techno, hop past snares, and explore the remnants of Mekacity in an agile manner. The game is developed by Mechanical Head Studios, a Finnish non mainstream designer, and ...[Read More]

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The Best Role Playing Games in 2021: The Gamers Game

Role-playing games have an intriguing and long history. The Role Playing Games has developed a lot into the most persuasive and driven game classification from its unobtrusive tabletop roots throughout the long term, flaunting an index as widely praised as it is diverse. It’s as a general rule nowadays that a game highlights Role Playing Games parts. In anything from online shooters to sport...[Read More]

Gods Will Fall Gods Will Fall Review: The Ultimate Battle Challenge

Smart Beans Ltd, the group behind the When Vikings Strike! 2012! what’s more, considerably more critically, the fabulous WipEout Omega Series of PlayStation 4 remasters, are making their first invasion with Gods Will Fall on Turn, and what a decent first attack this is. What we have here is an extremely requesting and profoundly creative prison crawler loaded up with extraordinary maverick l...[Read More]

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Gods Will Fall

The painful rule of the Gods over humanity has gone on for quite a long time. Bowed on pitilessness and enduring, through a vow of faithfulness guaranteed by each man, lady and kid, they guarantee to be presented with dazzle love. A sluggish and coldblooded passing anticipates the individuals who don't submit to the will of the Gods. Experience a bold band of fighters' persevering preliminaries in...[Read More]

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